Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, it means a lot!

I’m a mum with a unique family, I have a fiance Steven, and we have two children; Avery and Hudson. What’s unique about us is that Avery, our first child, was born sleeping when I was seven months pregnant, a day that changed us forever and for a long time, broke us into a million pieces. Whilst we still hurt often, we now have a very special little rainbow in our lives called Hudson Raine.

Life is absolutely on the up, and whilst not a day (or hour) goes by where we don’t think of avery, we’re enjoying every second of the happiness and mending that our little red-headed rainbow brings to us.

This blog started back in 2016 when I first lost Avery, I needed an outlet to vent my heartbreak, and being a writer this was my safe zone. The reaction to the blog was overwhelming and I can honestly say hearing from all you amazing loss parents about how Avery’s story made you feel like you’re not alone – well it healed me and got me through my grief journey in so many ways.

Step forward and now Hudson is six months old, and Avery is nearly two! I think it’s time to start blogging again, I’ve missed it so much! I’ve decided to split it between my babies, talking about all things parenting after loss. Being a rainbow mum is a very special thing indeed, and I go out my way to raise Hudson knowing what he is, so I’ll be sharing all of these experiences with you; and also still sharing those difficult days of missing Avery with you still.

You’ll find all of Avery’s historic and new posts on the Avery categories, as you will find all things rainbow under the Hudson categories on the sidebar.

There’s millions of loss and rainbow parents in the world – we should be sharing our experiences! Loss is not a taboo, it’s very real and the more we speak about it and celebrate our rainbows, the more the subject is researched into and prevented!

I hope you enjoy what’s to come with the blog,

Love from Nicole, her little birdy and her rainbow XO

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