Now that our rainbows movement has began, so has the fear of losing them all over again

  Back in December 2016, me and Steven went for a walk and had a long discussion about how we were going to start the New Year with positivity and a focus. It didn’t take long for us both to decide that we wanted to raise awareness of stillbirths and raise money. Whilst I went... Continue Reading →

I've been so busy recently and I'm full of the flu, so I'm only just getting round to publishing some words I wrote down on Father's Day. As I always do with special days, take some time out to talk about what we did, and how we felt. Steven made my first Mother's Day so... Continue Reading →

A special tribute to the friends who have helped me on my grief journey

Recently I’ve felt like a new wave of grief and emotion has hit me; over time you get used to living with the longing for your baby, however recently I’ve felt like I’ve taken a step back. I understand this is always going to happen to me from time to time; I’ve take 2 steps... Continue Reading →

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